Magnetic Levitation in the News

How’d They Do It: Levitating Orb Clock
Let us know in the comments below. If you’re looking to play with this phenomenon in your own projects, it seems you can buy a magnetic levitation device which exhibits similar properties. continued..
Building A Levitating Turbine Desk Toy
Magnetic levitation is a beautiful thing to watch. Seeing small objects wobble about while seemingly hovering in thin air never gets old. If you want something suitably distracting in this vein ... continued..
Wanbo most powerful projector officially released
From the official information, the new Wanbo Mozart 1 home projector is now on sale on the Product website and Bangood. From the official website, it is priced at $399.99 / €379, with a limited time ... continued..
Magnetic Levitation: Materials and Processes
Magnetic levitation is one of the most outstanding properties of superconductors, which in addition has launched the development of several electromechanical systems. The simplest experiment consists ... continued..
The Meissner Effect: Magnetic Levitation Using a Superconductor
Be sure to perform this experiment in a well ventilated area. Below the critical temperature, superconductors are diamagnetic, which means they strongly repel magnetic fields and do not allow magnetic ... continued..
Self-driving hover cars set to soar above traffic on magnetic tracks
The network of computer-controlled ‘jet-like’ vehicles will use Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) technology to provide what the firm says is fast, safe, free and economical travel. ‘skyTran ... continued..
Startup runs electrified high-speed rail on existing track
Polish company Nevomo has developed a technology that can adapt traditional railroads to support electrified, high-speed travel while still accommodating traditional trains. continued..
China’s R&D spending continues to grow, but researchers are feeling the pinch
China’s total research and development expenditures rose more than 10% last year, but the average funding for scientists declined. continued..
Watch: Magnetic Levitation Lifts 105-Pound Quadcopter
There are currently only four operating systems in the world that rely on magnetic levitation. Two of the trains operate in China, the others are located in Japan and South Korea. A video from ... continued..
Magnetic Levitation Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Market 2023-2030| Dynamics, SWOT analysis and Growth Forecast
"Magnetic Levitation Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Market" Size 2023-2030 | New Report (76 Pages)| Analytics| Medical Devices and Consumables|This report focuses on the Magnetic Levitation ... continued..
Global Magnetic Levitation Bearingless Pump for Semiconductor Market 2023-2030 Significant Increase in CAGR Shaping the Machinery & Equipment Industry
The"Magnetic Levitation Bearingless Pump for Semiconductor Market" New Report (96 Pages)| Analytics| Machinery and Equipment| Reports present an in-depth analysis of the top Magnetic Levitation ... continued..
The Best Deals to Upgrade Your PC in September 2023
Here's a compilation of some of the best deals available for those looking to upgrade their PC with new storage options, RAM, and power supplies. continued..

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